Your Guide To Choosing The Right Flower For Different Occasions

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From Valentine’s Day to weddings, and birthdays to funerals, flowers make for a very versatile gift no matter the occasion. The flower language is most commonly associated with the Victorian Era. Flowers were used to communicate feelings that the era’s strict etiquette would not allow to be openly expressed. Until today, is it important to know that different flowers bring about different meanings, helping relay your thoughts and feelings when you feel that words are sometimes not enough. 

We realise that although many are aware about how flowers make the perfect gift, picking a suitable type of flower to suit the occasion may not be a walk in the park (no pun intended). To save you from the embarrassment of sending the wrong message with a wrong flower choice, we’ve come up with a helpful guide. In order to make sure the flowers you decide to purchase are always occasion appropriate, we’ve compiled a list of flowers and their meanings just for you. 

Valentine’s Day

Red Roses


Celebrated as lovers day every year all over the world on February 14, it should come as no surprise that the red rose takes the title for the most popular option not only on this day, but of all time. It is the most loved of all beautiful flowers everywhere around the world. The red rose is an undisputed and universal symbol of love, from classic love stories like Romeo and Juliet to today’s hit TV show, The Bachelor. 


Even from centuries ago, the perfect way to express your romantic love for someone was to send a red rose. Nothing says “I love you” like red roses. Although symbolisms and meanings of flowers change over time, the red rose is one of the few flowers that stay consistent and has a universal meaning – love. 


There is also a deeper meaning of red roses and love, significantly in the shade of red chosen. Red and pink roses are the favourites of lovers on Valentine’s Day. 

The act of giving a red rosebud is also significant as it symbolises young love, innocence, purity and unpretentious beauty. So coming in at the number one go-to flower option for Valentine’s Day is definitely a rose bouquet. 

White Roses


Not many know that white roses express a similarly intense yet equally strong symbolism to express love. Although red roses remain the most widely offered flower on Valentine’s Day, the white rose carries a strong symbolic tradition that makes for a beautiful gift. While many send red roses for Valentine’s Day, you can also choose to surprise your lover with White Roses. 

These roses represent true love, purity, innocence, reverence, humility, youthfulness, and charm. If you want to go against the mainstream red roses, white roses make a good option as well. 

Yellow Roses


For those who love roses in general but are afraid the red and white rose may raise some eyebrows, don’t fret because this is where yellow roses come in. With their optimistic hue and general association with good cheer, yellow roses are the perfect way to toast friends, lift spirits and send a general wish for well-being. Yellow, long associated with the sun and its warmth, is the spokes-color for warm feelings of friendship and optimism. While yellow flowers generally send a lighthearted note, the history of the yellow rose particularly sends an optimistic vibe that really makes it the complete package.


If you’re planning a wedding with lots of personal touches, flowers are going to play a huge part. Instead of basing your choice on color and style alone, it is good to be informed about what the different flowers represent for your marriage as well. 


Hydrangeas comes in a wonderful palette of colours from bright pink and purple to more muted pastel shades and even crisp white. Ways to incorporate them into every kind of wedding is endless.


Hydrangeas symbolism: 

  • Heartfelt and honest emotions of any kind
  • Gratitude and thanksgiving to someone else
  • Developing a deeper understanding between two people
  • Heartlessness and acting without thinking about the feelings of another

Be careful with the Blue hydrangeas though, as they send a message of “No thanks” to your suitor so having blue hydrangeas everywhere during your wedding may send a bad message, and be awfully embarrassing for you. 



Representing “consuming love” and “happy years,” the tulip is known for being a meaningful wedding choice. This flower is grown in a wide range of hues, including white and cream, pastels (pink, yellow and peach) and vibrant shades (magenta, red, orange and purple). Known as the “versatile tulip,” it can be used to enhance wedding settings, be it an elegant wedding or more casual venues. From bouquets to boutonnieres to table arrangements, tulips add a special detail to any wedding. 

Calla Lilies


Calla Lilies are an elegant, trumpet-shaped blossom originated in Africa. It symbolises “magnificent beauty, purity, holiness, and faithfulness.” Two types are commonly available: a large-headed variety with a long, smooth stem suitable for tall arrangements or presentation-style bouquets, and a miniature version ideal for small arrangements and boutonnieres. Although creamy ivory is the first choice for many weddings, calla lilies come in a variety of colours if you are looking to add that dash of colour to your wedding.

Mother’s Day

One of the most time-honored, traditional gifts to give to mothers everywhere are flowers! Here are some of our favorites for Mother’s Day. 


The pink carnation represents a mother’s love and white symbolizes pure or unconditional love and good luck, which is another good choice you can opt for. An added benefit of carnations is that they are one of the longer lasting cut flowers that you can buy, which means your gift will last. 



Available in shades of white, pink, red, and sometimes even purple, peonies make a great arrangement for Mom. From honor and good fortune to happy marriages (don’t forget about Dad too), peonies represent a wide array of things, just like the wide array of love you have for your mother! 



For the trendier moms out there, orchids are a good choice for those who prefer bold colours and exotic stylings. Pink orchids, in particular, represent elegance, poise and femininity. Orchids can last two to three months or longer, the perfect symbol to represent a long-term relationship like the one you enjoy with your mom, aunt or grandmother. 


If you know your friend’s favourite flowers, it’s easy. But if you have no clue what their fave flower is, you don’t have to worry because here are some flowers that are particularly gifted just for birthdays.



Giving daffodils to someone is a sign to show that you have great respect and admiration for this person. The daffodil flower’s message is uplifting and energising, making it great birthday flowers as well as presents for your elders. 



The Arabic word for Jasmine is ‘Yasmin’ which directly translates to fragrant flower. Like the translation, Jasmines make a great birthday gift not only because of its fragrant smell but also the meaning behind it. The flower is associated with love, beauty and sensuality. It also represents purity. A jasmine flower’s meaning may vary with culture and setting, but it is a great birthday gift to show your appreciation. 

Red Chrysanthemums


While chrysanthemums in general symbolise longevity, fidelity, joy and optimism, various colours symbolise other important meanings as well. Red chrysanthemums in particular, represent love and deep passion. They make a good birthday gift because it represents a symbol of love for the one receiving it, whether platonically or in a romantic sense. 

Preserved Flowers


Preserved flowers are all the craze at the moment and make for a great birthday gift if you want to give someone flowers but don’t like the idea that flowers will eventually wither and die. But what if you could have flowers that last a few years? A high-tech process transforms real flowers into beautiful display pieces that require almost no maintenance which makes preserved flowers an absolutely beautiful and thoughtful gift so you may want to check that out too. 


During funerals, sending flowers is a good way to show your condolences. It is an expression of thoughtfulness that may bring some comfort for a sad occasion. There are a select few flowers you can choose from and it is important to know your sympathy flower etiquette. 



One of the most traditional funeral flowers are lilies. They are a symbol of the soul of the departed and the hope offered by the renewal process. It shows grief and sorrow but also creates an environment filled with peace and comfort. Due to its distinct smell, it is also an appropriate flower choice for funeral homes. 

Pink Carnations


Pink carnations stand for remembrance of the deceased. White carnations symbolise untainted love and innocence. Funeral attendees may also often spot chrysanthemums in flower arrangements for funeral services.



Chrysanthemums represent truth and are typically regarded as a cheerful way to honor someone who lived a full life. Chrysanthemum flowers are given in as a token of comfort, grief or bereavement. Make sure to choose the chrysanthemum bloom colour carefully, or you risk sending a double message with your bouquet. For instance, in the language of flowers, red mums signify love, yellow mark rejection or sadness, and white symbolise steadfast loyalty and devoted love.

There’s no doubt that flowers can send unspoken messages. Whether you want to find out which flower best expresses the emotion you feel for someone or which bloom is most fitting for a particular occasion, we hope this curated guide helped you find what you were looking for! 

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