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Location: 22 New Industrial Road, #02-27/28, Primax Industrial Building, Singapore, 536208

Telephone: +65 9785 2570

Email: Contact form on website

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/windflowerflorist

Instagram: windflowerflorist

Website: https://windflowerflorist.com/

Cheapest Bouquet Option: $33

About Wind Flower Florist

Windflower Florist is considered one of the oldest running florists in Singapore. The brand started out all the way back in 1997, as a small and quaint family florist located in the heartlands of Singapore. The company has grown and evolved with the 21st century, taking a fresh approach to their floral designs while still keeping their core values of blooming smiles in the lives of anyone they encounter. Celebrating with style through flowers, beauty and happiness are at the heart of everything they do. Windflower Florist also partners with luxury brands and indigenous brands to create an unforgettable sensory experience through floral shows, in addition to designing daily flower bouquets. They also specialise in weddings and styling concepts. 

Wide Selection of Flowers

Windflower Florists provides an extensive array of flowers to choose from. Whichever flower you are specifically looking for, it is likely available. Peonies, tulips, baby’s breath and our personal favorite, the Juliet Garden rose, are all some of the available options customers can choose from. With a wide array of flowers and arrangements, Windflower Florist has just about any bouquet and flower selection you would need for any special occasion. 

Princess Range

For Disney Princess lovers out there, this one’s for you. They have an exclusive Princess range that depicts different princesses from Disney movies. It’s a super cute gift idea if your girlfriend is especially interested in Disney princesses. Even if they’re not, the overall color aesthetics and hues of the flowers in each bouquet makes for an equally meaningful gift. Each bouquet is named with a special dedication to each movie, like “Once Upon A Dream”, “A Whole New World,” and “Under The Sea.” Each bouquet mimics the colors of each disney princess and their outfits, making it very obvious which princess it represents. The look of each bouquet shows that a lot of love and effort went into creating the overall feel of the movies. The kraft paper used to wrap the flowers also adds to and compliments the overall theme of the bouquet. If you know of someone who you think might be interested in this bouquet, you can ask them to check out Windflower Florist’s websites before they get sold out because it’s all the hype recently. 

Gift Hampers

Besides flower bouquets, Windflower Florist also provides many gift hamper options for customers to choose from. For occasions such as baby showers, care packages, and just a celebratory event, they have plenty of gift hamper options. The items included in the gift hampers are very worth the money and also look absolutely gorgeous as a gift. In the baby shower gift hampers, it is a great gift to celebrate with new parents about welcoming their new bundle of joy in life. Filled with treats for the young to rejuvenate the parents and provide them the necessities they need! A preserved container arrangement of roses certainly brings cheer and joy to the living space too. Some examples of what is included in the baby shower hamper includes: Dryer Drypantz 4 Pieces, Shears Baby Boy 4 Pieces Set Gift Box, Shears Musical Pink Pony and an ‘It’s A Boy’ Balloon that ties in the overall aesthetic. Another crowd favorite of the gift hampers are the care packages. With 2 care packages to choose from, A and B, it is packed with healthy tidbits and chocolates which will definitely put a smile on the receivers face. With the whole Covid situation in Singapore that’s happening, many love sending care packages to their friends and family in hopes of getting them in higher spirits. It’s also rewarding to know you’ve spent money on something that will give yourself and your loved ones that bit of bliss. Some items that are included in the care packages are: BRAND’S Berry Essence and Essence of Chicken, Lotte Chocolate Pie, Ferrero Rocher Chocolate, Free From Fellows Gummy Bears and Baked Cashew Nuts. They also have gourmet gift hampers and wellness hampers if customers are looking for something along those lines. 

Flowers for All Occasions

If you’re looking for flowers specifically for an occasion, look no further. Windflower Florists offer different types of flower bouquets and gift hampers specifically for different occasions. They also make the process to find the perfect gift hassle-free on their website, specifying different occasions in different tabs. With the customers in mind, Windflower Florist wants to aid in finding the perfect gift in the easiest way. All you have to do is go to their website and click on the occasions tab. We’re pretty sure almost any special occasion you can think of will be there. If not, there’s certainly something on the site for you to take your pick from. Personally curated for the specific occasion, receivers of the gift will definitely feel that you went out of your way to get something so exclusive for them. 

Customer Service

Windflower Florist’s customer service makes sure their attention to detail in regards to customers are taken care of. Should the main bloom of a product be no longer available, they will also contact you and work out a suitable substitution/replacement. They have a hotline number in which customers can call and the friendly workers will ensure to clarify your queries and try their best to accommodate your every need. They also provide a form on the website itself for ease of giving feedback or for asking questions, for those who are more comfortable with dropping an email instead of a phone call. 


They accept all major credit cards, including Visa, Mastercard, American Express. Online payments are processed using a secure payment provider, Stripe. Customers can rest assured that transactions are safe, with an encrypted link between you and the secure payment provider. In-store payment by cash and NETS are also available.


They offer free delivery islandwide of all products purchased through the website. However do note that certain locations (Tuas, Penjuru, Jurong Island, Army Camps / Police Camps, Airline Road), unfortunately cannot be delivered to. In the event of an unsuccessful delivery due to the above reasons, customers can request for a re-delivery but it will be subjected to a standard $10 re-delivery charge. In-store collection is also available for those who would prefer that option at the store’s location stated above. 



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