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Location: 17, #01-02 Woking Rd, 138696

Telephone: +65 9859 7127

Email: team@floweraddict.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/FlowerAddictSG

Instagram: floweraddictsg

Website: www.floweraddict.com

Cheapest Bouquet Option: From $59  

About Flower Addict

With the vision to “make the joy of flowers an everyday part of life in Singapore,” Flower Addict transforms the traditional way of giving flowers. Not focused only on occasion-based flower giving, they offer a service that allows customers to get flower delivery regularly to their doorstep. Flower Addict is a Singapore Flower Delivery service offering a range of colorful, fresh flowers, delivered on the same day, either in hand-tied bouquets or in custom boxes so you can enjoy arranging the flowers yourself. From affordable bouquet and flower gifts, to luxurious and decadent flowers, Flower Addict prides themselves in imaginative modern designs, flexible delivery options, indulgent quality blooms with an emphasis on unique packaging – all at reasonable prices.

Subscription Service

Despite a wide array of services available, The Flower Addicts main selling point is the flower subscription service that they offer. This service allows flowers to be delivered to your home or office regularly. How this simple service works is that customers have to first choose from the website’s three price categories in Style Yourself or Bouquet presentation. The florists available will then surprise you with a selection of the freshest flowers that changes weekly. The second step is to set up the schedule for the deliveries. Options to choose the frequency schedule includes weekly, fortnightly or monthly with a duration of 1, 3 or 6 months are available. (Protip: Pre-pay and get 10% off.) With each new subscription, Flower Addict will include a free vase and secateur along with the flowers. For flower lovers who want to spoil themselves just because, you might want to consider this service. It’s a nice little pick me up to get through the week if you ever need it. Spoil yourself or someone special with this sweet gesture and it’ll be a sure way to make them smile. 

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Fresh Cut Flowers

They offer a wide selection of fresh cut flowers as either hand-tied bouquets or in customized boxes to personally style the flowers yourself. Their flowers are sourced from the most reliable growers in different parts of the world so you can assure quality and luxurious flowers. The flower deliveries are inclusive of an aquapack purely to ensure that the flowers are as fresh as possible when they arrive. The boxes also contain full instructions and a sachet of flower food to prolong them.

Customer Service

Flower Addict’s customer service is top-notch with the attention to customer’s needs as a top priority. Their response rate is quick and customers can either choose to email them with requests at team@floweraddict.com or give them a phone call at 9859 7127. They will then proceed to help you with the order in the case of complicated orders or just for clarification purposes. They also offer a $10 voucher off your next order if you join the Flower Addict community and subscribe to their newsletters by providing your email. 

Variety of Services

Two offerings are available should a customer want to purchase their bouquet of flowers. Ready-made, already arranged bouquets are available on the website. Flower Addicts also recognize that some people personally enjoy arranging their own flowers. They offer a unique concept of a ‘Style Yourself’ arrangement which is where a customer gets to indulge in the joy of arranging their own flowers.They also offer business ventures for companies looking to collaborate. They will work with companies in a customised way to meet their business needs. All they have to do is call or email them for a fully-tailored service. They also offer DIY products for aspiring florists out there such as flower scissors, aprons, vases and homeware. A couple of customer favorites are the Jolie Blue Vase and the Jolie Mauve Vase. Other products include candles, room sprays, and face masks. These are some of their top sellers but customers should check out the website for a full range. They are an all-in-one florist shop that offers many different products aside from just flowers. As mentioned before, their subscription service is also unique to the brand and a great selling point for the flower shop. There is also a reminder service in which customers can register all-important dates that they don’t want to miss. 


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Not only do they ensure they have the best quality and fresh cut flowers available for the bouquets, but the personal touch is also embedded in the form of how the flowers are being presented. The overall presentation poses a modern, breezy and contemporary feel with the flowers, beautifully wrapped with luxury paper and ribbon. Self-style flowers are also carefully and securely packed into customized boxes. Not only is the presentation appealing to the eyes, it is also appealing for the environment. Flower Addicts use biodegradable materials whenever possible and many of their offerings can also be reused. 

Available Add-Ons

Aside from just giving the flower bouquets, customers can also request for add-on options. A wide variety of products are available as a personal touch such as champagne, helium balloons, chocolates, soft toys and blankets. Whatever you deem fitting for your loved ones, Flower Addicts has a couple different varieties for you to choose from. They offer pre-made gift bundles that customers can choose from, all available on the website. However, it is important to note that certain offerings may vary according to availability of the season. 

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They offer same day delivery across Singapore and have 2 delivery window options. Options include 9 to 2pm and 1 to 7pm. Standard delivery charges are $10 across Singapore and specific timing requests can be arranged through their hotline. For a fee of $25, Flower Addict also guarantees to deliver flowers within 3 hours from the time of purchase. 

Prices and Payment

For convenience, payment can be made through both credit card and Paypal modes of payment. (American Express, Visa and Mastercard) You will receive an email order confirmation from us as soon as you place your order.



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