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Cheapest Bouquet Option: $189  

About Ask a French Flower Review

Not only focusing on flowers, Ask A French is also described as a “lifestyle” concept. All bouquets and creations are made with a strong storytelling approach. It is with intention that designs made are catered to work in harmony with customer’s interiors and lifestyle. Whatever the occasion, be it for purely flower bouquets, brands, events or weddings, Aude, the founder of Ask A French wants to create something that would look effortlessly chic and unique. 

About the Founder

“Flowers came into my life without notice. My interest in nature grew stronger in 2015 when I arrived in Singapore, the lush greenery stimulated it, my passion for all things floral blossomed here in the Lion city.” 


Before Ask A French was created, Aude was a broadcast journalist in Paris who interviewed Hollywood stars such as Ryan Gosling and Marion Cotillard. She is also currently a photographer, lifestyle reporter and content producer. Due to her background in different areas and job scopes, Aude’s creations are made with a storytelling approach, a concept unique to only her. She shares about flowers, travel and anything close to her aesthetics in her blog and on @askafrench’s Instagram.

Strong Clientele Base


There are only good reviews on Ask A French, as they are highly raved about by many due to their quality products and customer service. Some big names have worked with the brand and they have an extensive and impressive clientele base. If you’re unsure if you want to purchase or even collaborate with the brand for your business, here are some names that might make you assured: Chanel, Bvlgari, Mont Blanc, Maserati, and Piaget. There’s a lot more where that came from but these prestigious clients are some that really caught our eye.

Fresh Flower

The flowers used for the creations are the freshest seasonal flowers imported regularly. Customers can be assured that the flowers will stay alive till the maximum date so your beautiful flowers are yours to admire for as long as they can hold up. The fresh flowers come from all over the world and suppliers receive them the same morning or the day before they reach out to customers. However, it is recommended to plan in advance if you are going to be purchasing due to the fact that Ask A French wants to ensure you get the freshest batches available. For an optimised lifespan of the bouquet, place them in a cool place without direct sunlight and remove the wilted flowers each time. (Protip: Replace them with fresh stems so that you’ll have an everlasting changing arrangement) There is only a limited quantity available for purchase of fresh flowers so do make sure you get your hands on these in-demand flowers fast. 

Element of Surprise

A fun and intriguing concept behind their fresh bouquets available for purchase is that there is an element of surprise. It is known as the “Surprise Fresh Bouquet.” How it works is that these surprise bouquets are only available from Wednesday through Saturday. The bouquet you decide to purchase and will receive is a complete surprise because you have no prior knowledge of what it will look like at the point of purchase. The fact that you are unable to choose certain colors or flowers available may turn some people off, but the option to let the brand know if you don’t want certain hues or breeds to be included is available. Trust us when we say to take a leap of faith on these surprise bouquets, because they are really crafted with love and look effortlessly beautiful and are a sure head-turners. Transparent vase options are also available along with the purchase so that you have somewhere to place your beautiful surprise bouquets.  

If you are looking for something different or maybe prefer dried flowers due to the fact that they can be kept for a lot longer, Ask A French also offers a dried flowers version of the surprise bouquet. Their dried surprise flower arrangements are unique and “inspired by the beauty of wild nature and still life painting.” Getting inspiration from around and through the storytelling concept Aude follows religiously, customers can ensure that no two bouquets are truly the same. The surprise dried flowers are available from Monday through Saturday unlike the fresh flowers, so if you’re a fan of dried flowers, you’d be amazed how gorgeous these flowers turn out. 


Although focused mainly on its flower sales, Aude also encourages flower lovers to take part in her workshops made available. At 4 to 5 pax, private or team building workshops are available for booking. Aude conducts her floral and lifestyle workshops in her beautiful home studio in quaint Tiong Bahru. It’s a perfect activity for friends, lovers and even families to take part in and gain an extra skill in flower crafting. This is a creative and engaging activity to enhance social relations through nature, and be surrounded by beautiful flowers. What’s not to love? 

Subscription Service

Ask A French offers a subscription service of 8 bouquets for the price of 7. Created with the freshest seasonal flowers, flower deliveries are made every Thursdays. You’ll be surprised with flowers 8 weeks in a row every Thursday. How sweet does that sound? If you’d like, it’s also possible to send the bouquets to someone else if you wish. The fact that you don’t know what the next surprise bouquet will look like will be a fun experience and adds a little pick-me-up to your week. Customers can also choose their size options for the subscription service in large, medium or small.


Delivery is already included in the price of your purchase. If there is no one home or at the location to collect the flowers, the courier will notify the recipient and place the bouquet safely at the front or back door. Due to Covid, the self-pick up option at the studio in Tiong Bahru is temporarily unavailable, but when times get better, customers are welcomed to pick up their flowers and drop by for a chat.

Prices and Payment

All major credit/debit cards via Visa, Mastercard and AMEX are accepted. Payment can be made with a debit/credit card via Ask A French’s website.


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