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Cheapest Bouquet Option: $25

About Farm Florist

Aimed at providing a better experience for flower lovers, Farm Florist pride themselves in their ability to curate beautiful floral arrangements to make their customers happy. They realize the inconveniences faced by customers of the industry that were brought about due to dishonest advertising, late deliveries and receiving unfresh flowers from certain flower companies. Farm Florist was created with the goal of ensuring their customer’s satisfaction, through changing the common malpractices of the industry one bouquet at a time. It’s also rewarding to know you’ve spent money on something that will give yourself and your loved ones that bit of bliss. If you want to pick up a bouquet of flowers but aren’t sure which florists to go to, here’s why you should choose Farm Florist. 

Long Lasting and Affordable Flowers

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Farm Florist offers fresh flower bouquets that are not only beautifully crafted but also have a competitive edge over competitors mainly due to the fact that their bouquets are able to last a week longer as compared to others. With a good range and options of fresh flowers to choose from, they are one of Singapore’s best flower delivery services also due to their affordable prices. The added benefit of affordable prices with quality flowers is made possible because they store all their flowers in a 3000 square feet cold room that ensures all the flowers last for the longest duration. As compared to other florist shops that just make use of an air-conditioned room to keep their flower fresh, Farm Florist pays more attention to detail and realizes that using a cold room designed for fresher flowers will give a better quality to their service and products. Another aspect that sets that apart from regular flower shops is that they introduce an additional element to their flowers, they give them a special formula that helps the flowers gain the extra nutrients they need to provide and give off stronger and more vivid colors. 


Wide Selection of Flowers

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With the added benefit of being a wholesaler themselves, customers of Farm Florist enjoy a wide variety and range of flowers available to choose from. With flowers coming in from Malaysia, China, Kenya and Holland, they offer not only fresh, but also endless flower options that you can purchase. The variety of flowers available is easily viewed and customers can skim through the website, where there is already a preset option where you can choose the type of flower bouquets by the flower type. From baby’s breaths to dried flowers, you can easily select your bouquet of choice, made specifically for customers to shop with ease. 


One Hour Delivery

The great thing about Farm Florist is that they provide the option to get your flowers delivered in as quick as an hour. Need a last minute but beautiful gift? Forgot an anniversary? (We’re talking to you boyfriends.) Fret not, because with their super speedy delivery and variety of options to choose from, you can get it delivered to you in time to surprise your significant other, or anyone else for that matter. If you’re still skeptical, Farm Florists offers a full refund should your delivery be later than an hour. 

Preserved Flower Dome 

farm florist domes

If you’re not a fan of fresh flowers, Farm Florist also sells preserved flower domes that are all the craze right now. They’re super easy on the eyes and definitely make perfect gifts for your friends and family. The unique arrangements symbolises everlasting love that redefined the value of sincerity. The preserved flowers are beautifully arranged in a glass dome. The aesthetic look and mesmerizing scent will be maintained for as long as possible. Unlike fresh flowers that may be a hassle to take care of and maintain, many are opting for the preserved flower domes as an alternative gift. 


Bloom Box

Whoever said that flowers must only come in a bouquet? Another type of flower arrangement that’s recently been in trend is the bloom box. Essentially, a bloom box carries a carefully selected choice of beautiful flowers in a box. Add that little bit of elegance to your gift by going with a bloom box. It’s simple, yet super pretty. Farm Florist’s available bloom boxes include a beautiful handle and very carefully selected flowers which are intentionally put together to look gorgeous.


Available Add-Ons

If you want something a little extra to go with your flower bouquet of choice, there are many available add ons that you can choose from. Some of these include chocolates (perfect for the sweet tooths out there), teddy bears and balloons. Each option also includes a number of choices for you to choose from. For example, you can select chocolates from Ferrero Rocher, Merci or even Belgian chocolates. For the balloons, you can choose from latex or foil balloons. There are many different greetings for customers to choose from and we’re sure, with the available options, you’ll find one that fits your celebration perfectly.


Placing Orders

If you’re only interested in the one hour delivery, Farm Florist’s website is easy to navigate to find what you need. There is an available tab on the website that leads you to the ‘One Hour Florist’ delivery service and you can easily make your selection from there. The option to add-on items are also easily found on the tab available on their website. All customers need to do is select the product, provide the address and make payment. They also have a blog tab available should customers be interested to learn more about flower care and florist reviews. 


Delivery is free for all orders but there will be a surcharge of $10 for deliveries on all Sundays, public holidays and eve of public holidays. Farm Florist provides free same day delivery to all parts of Singapore except to Tuas, Sentosa, and Jurong Island. Delivery to Tuas, Sentosa, and Jurong Island is $30.00 per order. They deliver on all days (from Mondays to Sundays) including Public Holidays, with the only exception of Chinese New Year (Day 1 and 2) and Christmas Day (25 December). For failed deliveries, there will be a re-delivery charge which happens when order information provided is incorrect (contact number or address). To avoid this, please ensure all your order information is provided accurately. 

Payment Methods

All major credit/debit cards via Visa and Mastercard are accepted. Payment via Paypal and Stripe are also accepted. Cash on delivery option is also available. A confirmation email with your order details will be sent to your email address once payment is verified. 


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