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Rated one of the best flower delivery services in Singapore, Floral Garage’s excellent operation systems has managed to rise above others by years and years of hard work. Developed, tried and tested by their dedicated and talented team over at Floral Garage, their dedication and passion towards the flower industry in Singapore has managed to allow them to give their customers total satisfaction and utmost priority in delivering on time. Something that sets them apart from others is that they do their best to give back to society in their own way. Floral Garage Singapore aims to create as many collaborations as possible with the aim to aid a less fortunate community. Their latest initiative took place around International Women’s Day (March 8). To mark this day, they held a workshop on non-profit floral arrangements to involve women and mummies with low incomes. We have also helped raise money for animal shelters in the past few years, and donated supplies for flag days. It’s definitely more than just a florist, knowing that your contribution that puts a smile on your significant other’s face, can also be a stepping stone to bring that smile to someone else in the community. Floral Garage, with their various initiatives for the community, is one of the biggest names in Singapore not only because of that, but their ability to give the best service to their customers. 

Premium Flowers

Floralgarage Premium Flowers

Although on the pricier side, Floral Garage offers a premium selection of bouquets for a more elegant and exclusive arrangement. It is essentially a larger version of their freestyle bouquets, but peeking through the beautiful fresh premium flowers holds another surprise. The bouquet is available  in an elegant-looking floral box that is definitely going to wow the receiver. It is also available in a vase version if that is your more preferred option to go for. If you are interested in the premier selection, the florists there will help you craft the perfect arrangement to suit your needs based on the occasion and who the recipient is. According to how you’d like it done, you can choose the style of the bouquet to your preference (traditional, modern or rustic). What’s great about it is that there is also an “I Don’t Know!” option. This will allow the florists to take the reins and come up with creative and beautiful arrangements. Unfortunately, customisation is not available as of now due to the fact that it is a premium selection of flowers, they can only use the fresh of flowers available for the day. Don’t worry though, most customers definitely receive arrangements to their satisfaction because the florists at Floral Garage put their utmost care and attention in order not to disappoint. 

Wide Selection of Flowers

Floral Garage provides a wide selection of flowers to choose from. You can shop your bouquet type by flowers on their website. Whether you are looking for a baby’s breath bouquet, roses or sunflowers, they are all available for customers to choose from. Even dried flower bouquets are available if you prefer that type of bouquet. The choices are endless. 

Low Prices

Due to their low overheads, efficient automated processes, and the desire to help all their customers, they manage to keep prices low. Through this effort, Floral Garage wants to encourage individuals to demonstrate good-intentioned actions willingly and not be affected by cost. 


Floralgarage Terrariums

If you’re an avid social media user, you’ve probably seen some of these going around your instagram in one way or another. Terrariums have recently been a hit amongst the youngsters, but we don’t doubt anyone of any age will appreciate these beautiful miniature gardens. With soil, pebbles and succulents, these terrariums bring life to boring spaces and they are so serene to look at! The oxygen a terrarium produces will also make your homes/offices more fresh! It’s not only a perfect, but also practical gift for that special someone, or even just for yourself to put in your house. It shows how much you care and is also a very eye-catching item and is sure to brighten up your room/house. Don’t believe us? Try it for yourself, we promise it won’t disappoint. For someone who enjoys unique gifts, this one’s a sure hit. 

Floral Crowns

Floralgarage Floral Crowns

Whether you’re looking for real flower or artificial flower floral crowns, Floral Garage has a beautiful selection for you to choose from. Floral crowns add that gorgeous touch to your ensemble, whether it’s a casual outing to the beach or even your wedding day. Our personal favorite is the Floral Crown 008. This floral crown boasts white baby breath’s all around, simple yet elegant. They even have a floral crown fit for your babies, for those mummies out there. It’s probably the cutest and prettiest thing you can lay your eyes on. At prices ranging from $50-$60, their floral crowns are something you might be interested in. 

Customer Service

Floral Garage’s customer service provides exceptional attention to detail and ensures your queries are all met. They ensure that every customer has a satisfied service and believes that it is within both (customers and Floral Garage) best interests to provide the cheapest bouquets and cheapest flower arrangements. They even go out of their way by providing an option where should you be browsing online and come across a bouquet that you like but is too expensive, you can drop them an email or a whatsapp with the image and they will tell you if it can be completed by your given date that’s within your budget. They also manage to establish a relationship of trust through their ‘Reviews’ function in Facebook since the start of July 2015. Either texted or emailed to Floral Garage, these reviews are made by real people that customers can trust. Their friendly customer service specialist will be available to answer your questions should you require it at their hotline number. 


Most florists require you to place your order at least one day in advance. Florale Garage understands that sometimes urgent orders are unavoidable. With this in mind, they have made same-day deliveries available to their customers, with the exception of Sundays. For your preferred date and time slot, they provide free standard delivery.


For standard delivery: 

Mondays to Saturdays: 10am to 5pm, 1pm to 5pm, 5pm to 10pm

On Sundays, the available time slots are 10am to 5pm and 1pm to 5pm.

For specific time delivery: 

They charge a flat rate of $25 per delivery, you can just make your purchase online and have it delivered on your preferred date and pin-point time.

For extended delivery zones: 

These delivery zones include Sentosa, Marina Bay Sands, Change Airport, Tuas, and army camps. A delivery of $15 will be required should you want to deliver to these areas. 

For priority delivery of wedding items: 

All wedding items will have a delivery fee of $10. It will be delivered with priority in the standard delivery time slot. 

For flower stands delivery: 

Delivery for all congratulations and condolences stands will be free. 

Payment Methods

Stripe and Paypal are available for their online payments, both very well-established online payment processing companies in the industry that have a strong fraud prevention system. If you do not have a Card or Paypal, you can also pay by Bank Transfer, Paynow and other offline methods. Through Paypal, you can also pay via debit or credit cards such as American Express, Visa, or MasterCard.



Telephone: +65 6282 2813 | +65 9387 8871 (Whatsapp) 

Email: service@floralgaragesg.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/FloralGarageSG

Instagram: floralgaragesg

Website: https://floralgaragesg.com/

Cheapest Bouquet Option: $21


Photo Credits: Floral Garage


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