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As the name suggests, Xpress Flower was created to aid in the expression of your thoughts through the act of flower giving. Not only focusing on flowers, they are one of the leading flowers and gift service providers in the region. Committed to offering only the freshest flowers and gifts, Xpress Flower is backed by service that is reliable and prompt. They have even expanded their services to deliver flowers in Manila, Philippines. Sending over a bouquet of flowers to your loved ones across the world has never been so easy. A unique service of Xpress Flower is that they offer a round the clock, 24 hour flower delivery service so you can get your flowers any time of the day.

Flowers For All Occasions

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Whether you’re celebrating an anniversary, sending flowers as a wedding gift, graduation, or just want to surprise someone with flowers just because, Xpress Flower offers a range of flower options for you to choose from, specific to that occasion. They’ve carefully selected the perfect type of flower that relays your thoughts and feelings so you don’t have to go out of your way to research and pick which one works best. On their website, you can just click the occasions panel, and they have many widely celebrated occasions that would make the buying process a lot easier on your end. Their flower options are never ending and you can find all the different types of flowers that you could possibly want. From hydrangeas, roses and baby’s breath to even artificial flowers and boxed flowers

Astrology Flowers

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Speaking of the different flowers, astrology has been around for many years and recently more and more people are opening up their beliefs to astrology. Some may still be skeptical, but astrology is definitely a big hit among the millennials these days. What better way to show how well you know a person than astrology flowers? Astrology flowers are Zodiac flower bouquets.  Is she a feisty Aries, an intellectual Aquarius or a practical Taurus. Impress your significant other with your thoughtfulness, they’re sure to appreciate it. All astrology flowers come with a unique Zodiac postcard. Some of these include the Majestic Leo, for all the lions out there, and Go-Getter Capricorn, for the powerful and inspirational Capricorns out there. It’s a slightly different, more unique idea from your normal flower bouquets and adds an extra element of well-thought and well-planned flower bouquet choice. If you know someone who’s all about horoscopes, you might want to check out this option! 

Disney Collection

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Disney has been enchanting us for decades with their meaningful stories. You can now share your emotions with Xpress Flower’s new Disney collection while creating magical moments with your favorite people through these mesmerizing blooms and the most famous Disney characters! 

Our favorite from the collection would definitely have to be ‘Midnight Magic’. It’s a gorgeous photo frame that is filled with preserved white and blue flowers, mimicking a Cinderella eternal roses arrangement. The colors complement each other perfectly and it’s a great gift for the Disney fans out there. 

Another beautiful arrangement is ‘The Beauty Within’. If the name doesn’t give it away enough, one look and you’ll know exactly what Disney princess it represents: Beauty and The Beast.  Encapsulate your lasting love and emotions through this lovely, beauty and the beast themed preserved flower arrangement. The arrangement features preserved roses accompanied by artificial foliage and even comes with a Belle acrylic. It’s a great display piece that will wow anyone that comes over.

Other Disney collections include the cup of bloom, Disney bouquets, a collection of flowers in boxes, and a particularly unique one, ‘SoleMate’ where blue and white roses are placed in a gorgeous clear heel just like the one Cinderella left on the footsteps. 

Browse now and build memories that will end happily ever after! 


xpress flower gourmet hamper

If sweet treats, champagne and wine, and hampers are more of what you had in mind for that special gift, Xpress Flower has expanded their product range to offer you just that. Anything that would make for a perfect gift for that special occasion, you will find on their website. 

The world of wine and champagne can be a little confusing and overwhelming at times, but you may eventually find yourself in need of a bottle or two to carry home, or even for a friend or loved one. Xpress Flower has an impeccable range of these drinks that will make it easy for you to choose from. You can purchase it as an add-on to your flower bouquets or even just on its own.

If you’re not a fan of flowers or plushies, you can also choose to opt for their gift hampers where a selection of sweet treats and spirits and plenty of others is included. The universal language of chocolates and sweets, is sure to relay your feelings of love and pursuit. You can sweep anyone off their feet with their ‘Dainty Sweets’ flower box which includes 3 stalks of cream roses, dark purple eustoma, lilac rose spray and silver leaves. It also comes with Ritter Sport Squared and Ghirardelli Dark 60% Cacao to fill her belly. What’s not to love? 


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Xpress Flower has also done many collaborations with other brands to give you a wide range of gift options to choose from. OSIM is one of them. If you’re looking for a rejuvenating present that you can send to your someone special, this gift option comes with a bouquet of flowers as well as OSIM products such as the uPamper Mini Handheld Massager or even the uPen Acupuncture Massager. It’s a very thoughtful gift because not only are the flowers beautiful, but you are even considering their well-being with the wonderful OSIM products. The range of the OSIM products span across so many different options and you can pick and choose which one would suit your recipient the best. 

Another gift option that you can choose are fragrances. Going along with the theme of beautifully scented flowers, you can up the ante by selecting some fragrances that you think they might like. Fragrances that are available includes Bvulgari, Dolce & Gabbana, and Burberry. They also have a range of Yankee Candles you can choose from if the fragrances don’t peak your fancy. 

Balloons are also another available gift option that Flower Xpress provides, like we said, they are a lot more than just a flower shop. Any gift that you could possibly think of that would make the celebration a lot better, they provide. If there’s a special celebration coming soon and you’re unsure of what to get, head to their website and you’re sure to find something that would make it perfect. 



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