Flower Care 101: 6 Tips To Make Fresh Flowers Last Longer

How do I make my fresh flowers last longer?

Fresh flowers are a beautiful gift for any occasion, but some people are hesitant to buy or receive them as they can wilt or rot quickly. However, taking care of your fresh bouquet of blooms does not have to become a chore. To help make your fresh flowers last longer, here are 6 easy flower care tips you can follow at home.

1. Snip the stem off as soon as possible

Once you receive the flowers, trim the ends of their stems as soon as you can. This prevents air bubbles from blocking the water vessels in the stems, which can cut off your flower’s water supply. Snip around half an inch from the bottom of the stems, and you can even snip them at an angle for better water absorption. Make sure not to cut the stems too short, as you will need to trim them again whenever you change the flower water in your vase.

2. Put them in room temperature water

Use room temperature water in your flower vases. Warmer water will cause the flowers to open up faster, whereas cold water is more appropriate for certain flowers that bloom in the cooler months. Most fresh flowers sold in Singapore can be kept for several weeks if taken care of properly.

3. Keep them away from direct sunlight

Heat will speed up the blooming (and wilting) process, so make sure to keep your blossoms somewhere cool and in the shade. In sunny Singapore it’s even more important to ensure your fresh flowers get indirect sunlight without being exposed to blistering heat. Be sure not to remove them from sunlight entirely, as they still need those golden rays to grow and flourish

4. Ensure their water is clean and debris-free 

Make sure to change the flower water every 2-3 days to avoid bacteria growth, as bacteria is one of the biggest reasons why flowers wilt and rot. Change the water and rinse out the vase to ensure any sources of bacteria are cleaned out. Snip the ends of your flowers by half an inch or so each time you change the water – this keeps the stems healthy too    

5. Give your flowers an occasional trim

Check on your plant regularly for any dying or fallen leaves and flowers and snip them off before they fall. Rot and mould can spread between flowers quickly, serving as another source of bacteria that affects the overall health of the flowers. If any wilted parts have fallen into the flower water, make sure to scoop them out to keep the water bacteria-free.

6. Research on special plant care

These easy tips apply to most fresh flowers in Singapore, but do research your flowers to see if they have special plant care requirements. Some species, like orchids, are more temperamental and need more care. If you receive an orchid bouquet, you can place the flowers in the bathroom for a cool and humid environment – but only water it around ¼ cup as orchids don’t need as much water.

Enjoy your fresh flower bouquets fuss-free

With these tips by your side, you won’t have to worry about caring for fresh flowers in Singapore anymore. Check out FavFlorist’s wide selection of fresh flowers and arrangements including orchid bouquets, red rose bouquets, and sunflower bouquets to add colour into your life. We even offer affordable island wide delivery across Singapore!

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