5 Beautiful Flowers Perfect For A Birthday Bouquet

Sending a loved one a beautiful bouquet for their birthday is a timeless gift that never goes out of style. But when picking out a birthday bouquet, what flowers should you include?

Since time immemorial, flowers have been used to convey unspoken messages and meanings. Some of the most well-known meanings are romantic in nature – such as red roses symbolizing deep love. When it comes to selecting the perfect birthday bouquet, here are 5 common flowers that you can find in Singapore that will help you convey your deepest affections to the birthday boy or girl.

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1. Roses

When you want to convey your love for someone, you can’t go wrong with roses! Though red roses are most commonly associated with romantic love, other colours of roses are actually associated with meanings of friendship, affection, and innocence.

Yellow roses convey joy, warmth, and friendship, and orange roses can hold meanings of gratitude, pride, and energy. Paired together (like in our Summer Glow Kenya Rose Mixed Bouquet) this vibrant combination of flowers is sure to bring a smile to anyone’s face. Enjoy free delivery islandwide in Singapore, and don’t forget the complimentary message card to surprise them with your sweetest birthday wishes!

2. Sunflowers

As their name suggests, sunflowers are commonly associated with the brightness, joy, and happiness that a sunny day brings. They can also mean adoration or loyalty, and in Chinese culture are said to bring good luck and wishes of everlasting happiness. For something to brighten up the recipient’s birthday celebrations, the Limelight Sunflower Matthiola Bouquet features a vibrant sunflower decorated with delicate sprigs of matthiola and eustoma. Our farm fresh flowers are air-flown daily before being handcrafted into a bouquet, to ensure your recipient receives only the most beautiful arrangement upon delivery.

3. Orchids

Orchids might look simple, but these elegant blooms are prized worldwide for their ornamental beauty. The orchid has been associated with many meanings over time including fertility, beauty, refinement, and elegance.

An orchid bouquet like our Opening Box Rose With Orchid Bouquet would be the perfect birthday gift for someone older like a mother or parent, to convey deep love and maturity. Our box bouquets come with a customisable 15 inch balloon so you can write down your well wishes to the recipient too! Enjoy same-day free delivery of this gorgeous selection of flowers, or opt for self-collection if you’re planning a big birthday surprise. Find out more about our delivery options in Singapore.

4. Carnations

Carnations are a common flower we might see in birthday bouquets today, but did you know that they hold a variety of meanings? In some Christian traditions they are specifically associated with motherly love, but depending on the colour of the petals, carnations can symbolize gratitude, purity, admiration, and affection.

For a simple yet heartfelt flower arrangement, our Sweetheart Carnation & Rose Box includes fresh carnations nestled amidst a handcrafted selection of rose sprays. If you’re planning to surprise the birthday boy or girl outside of the home, the box also makes it convenient for them to carry around this bouquet for the day. Just opt for self-collection instead of delivery so you can have the bouquet ready before you meet them.

5. Lilies

Traditionally, lilies are frequently associated with mourning or grieving. However, they also symbolize purity, happiness, and beauty and have become more popular as an option for birthday flowers in Singapore over the years.

Paired with another popular flowers such as roses, eustomas, or delphiniums, the simple lily can really shine. Our Daydreams Lily & Eustoma Bouquet includes fresh lilies in dreamy tones of pink – perfect for a heartfelt and feminine birthday bouquet that conveys your admiration for the other. Remember to include your birthday wishes on the complimentary card that will be included with your delivery.

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