From Pink To Red: Picking The Right Rose For Your Bouquet

Roses are one of the most popular flowers when you’re searching for a bouquet – and for good reason! These classic beauties come in a variety of colours and sizes, and can convey anything from deep romantic love to friendly affection. Roses are perfect for any occasion and they can be made even more meaningful when the right rose colour is chosen to convey a sweet and heartfelt message. Shop our selection of rose bouquets online, and enjoy islandwide and same-day express delivery in Singapore! We even offer free delivery for orders above $80 to sweeten the deal. Find out more in our FAQs and delivery options.

Red roses

When it comes to love and romance, there’s nothing more fitting than a red rose. A mainstay in Valentine’s Day or anniversary bouquets, red roses symbolise passion and commitment and are universally understood to mean “I Love You”. Our red rose bouquets have been carefully handcrafted for any occasion to help you convey your love to the recipient. We have modest options like the First Love – 3 Red Kenya Roses Bouquet as well as more extravagant offerings like the stunning Fall In Love – Red Kenya Rose & Baby Breath Bouquet perfect for a once-in-a-lifetime present. Whether it’s 1 rose or 100, whoever receives a red rose from you is sure to feel the depth of your love.

2. Pink roses

After red roses, pink roses are the next most popular rose colour out there. They symbolise gratitude, admiration, and even joy, and are a great way to convey platonic or non-romantic feelings for someone else. Shop our pink rose bouquets today to find roses in all shades of pink from dreamy pale pink to a creamy peach, or a combination of tones like in the Oh My Rosie – Rose Bouquet.

3. White roses

White flowers generally have associations with purity and grace. White roses in particular can also symbolise young love, commitment, or new beginnings – making them a popular choice for wedding bouquets! One variety of white rose to look out for is the O’Hara garden rose. This French variety has a slight ivory cream tinge in the center, and is an elegant and romantic addition to any bouquet. Our Winter Grace Wedding Hand Bouquet – Calla Lily & O’Hara Rose Bouquet features this beautiful rose and is just what any bride needs to make their big day extra special.

4. Orange and yellow roses

Orange and yellow roses symbolise warmth, happiness, and energy. They are popular gifts for friends or as a congratulatory present to someone embarking on a new path. Explore our birthday and congratulation bouquets to see how the vibrancy of orange and yellow roses stand out, from the more modest Amber Amour – Orange Rose Bouquet to the stunning Summer Glow – Kenya Rose Mixed Bouquet!

5. Cappuccino roses

Cappuccino roses have become popular in recent years, especially in rustic-style bridal bouquets! These roses come in beautiful shades of beige or brown, and pair well with red, pink, white, or cream coloured roses. Add a unique twist to a solemnization with our Rustic White Wedding Hand Bouquet – Round Rose Bouquet or simply send a loved one a special message with our Cappuccino Roses Hot Air Balloon.

Shop Rose Bouquets online with FavFlorist

These are just the meanings of a handful of common rose colours – there are even some truly unique rose colours out there such as blue and purple! No matter what the occasion calls for, FavFlorist is here to help you find the right rose bouquet for your needs. Our bouquets are handmade with only the freshest rose blossoms possible, and we even have same-day delivery so that your order arrives at its most beautiful. Find out more in our FAQs and order your rose bouquet today!

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