How To Care For Your Hydrangeas In Singapore

There’s no denying that hydrangeas are beautiful, but they can also have quite a reputation for being difficult to maintain! While they might require a little bit more TLC to flourish in Singapore, it’s all worth it to see their beautiful butterfly-like blossoms brighten your day. Follow these 4 simple care tips to help keep your hydrangeas looking bright and vibrant.

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1. Choose your hydrangeas wisely

If you are intending to plant and grow hydrangeas in your garden, have a discerning eye when picking out your stem cuttings or flowering plants at the nursery. Keep an eye out for healthy, bright green leaves and sturdy, bouncy stalks. Be wary of leaves that have brown or discoloured spots, or petals with dark stains. As hydrangeas are extremely temperature-sensitive, these could indicate sun damage or cold storage damage respectively. If you are receiving a hydrangea bouquet, look out for these same signs – you might want to prune any leaves or petals with damage, to help your plants last longer.

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2. Ensure the soil is moist

Hydrangeas are some of the thirstiest flowers out there! Once you’ve re-potted them into soil, make sure to water your hydrangeas with cool water regularly to keep the soil nice and moist. Check on the soil daily to see if you need to top up their water supply – if the soil already feels dry or crumbly, you might need to increase the frequency of your watering. Try to water your hydrangeas in the morning before the strong morning and afternoon sun comes out – this will help protect the fragile leaves and petals when it gets hot later in the day.

However, do remember to ensure proper drainage in the soil. This will help prevent root rot, as well as prevent pests such as mosquitoes from breeding. Don’t have a green thumb or not sure how to handle a flower as temperamental as the hydrangea? You can still enjoy their beauty with the exquisite Aurelie – Mixed Hydrangea and Carnation Bouquet.

3. Keep them away from direct sunlight

The hydrangea’s delicate petals can be easily damaged by Singapore’s strong sunlight. For the best results, place your plants in a semi-shady place away from direct sunlight. Some people might find success exposing their flowers to the morning sun, but this will depend on how intense the morning sun is in your home too. To really see a more innocent side of this delicate flower, why not take a peek at our Caroline – Kenya Roses with White Hydrangea Bouquet?

4. Monitor your soil’s pH

Finally, remember to monitor your soil’s pH. This is a unique fact about hydrangeas – the acidity of the soil affects the colour of the petals! More acidic soil will lead to blue or purple flowers, whereas more alkaline soil will lead to pink flowers. In some cases, you might even find a mix of colours in a single bush! Love the hydrangea’s unique colours? Why not bring home a Forever Young – Hydrangea with Baby Breath Bouquet! You can choose from blue, pink, or purple hydrangeas to suit your mood.

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