3 Common Apology Flowers To Help You Say “Sorry”

Flowers have long been known to convey different emotions and meanings. After all, that’s one of the reasons why they’ve remained such a popular and beloved gift for literally centuries. While we may commonly associate flowers with more positive meanings (like red roses for passionate love, or sunflowers for happiness and optimism), they can be a powerful way to convey more complicated emotions too.

In times of sadness, anger, or grief, sending or receiving a thoughtful flower bouquet can help ease the emotional pain of a strained or lost relationship. Even a sweet and simple gift like the Spring Fresh – Mini Bouquet Series – can clear the air after a fight, and let the other person know that you still care for them.

Here are some of the 3 most common apology flowers to know, just in case:

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1. Pink carnations

Carnations are some of the most popular flowers you might find at any online or physical florist in Singapore – and for good reason! These beautiful blossoms have an almost feathery, dreamy look when fresh and come in many shades such as pink, white, and yellow.

Pink carnations in particular are a common choice for a simple and straightforward apology flower. They can mean various things including fondness, gratitude, tenderness, and love – so if you’ve hurt someone’s feelings, gifting them a bouquet of pink carnations is a good way to let them know you still treasure them. When paired with pink roses like in our Eternity – Pink Ohara Rose and Carnations Bouquet, they create a soft and gentle bouquet that can elegant convey your sincerity.

2. White tulips

Just like carnations, tulips are another popular flower of choice in Singapore  as they come in various colours and have a bright and vibrant appearance. Of the different tulip colours, white tulips – like in our Spring Miracles – 8 White Tulips Bouquet – are a graceful option for an apology flower and an elegant way for you to say “I’m sorry”. They also represent purity and honour, and can be used as condolence flowers too.

3. White lilies

Events such as funerals are another occasion where you’ll want to convey “I’m sorry” to someone you care about. Apart from white tulips, another common condolence or apology flower you’ll see at wakes or funerals in Singapore is the white lily. White lilies symbolise death, grief, peace, and serenity – a formidable mix of meanings that sum up the chaos of mourning someone you’ve lost.

Our Deepest Sympathy condolence stand features white lilies along with other white florals, and symbolise the innocence and peace the departed’s soul experiences after their passing. Though it is never easy to go through the grieving period, sending a thoughtful or meaningful gift to the person experiencing a loss can help them feel like they’re not alone.

A smaller option like the Eternal Spring – Flower Basket Arrangement is also good for conveying your condolences, and features a mixture of white calla lilies, white tulips, and white roses.

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