Grieving With Flowers: Picking The Right Condolence Bouquet

The loss of a loved one is always sad, with the rush of preparing the wake, funeral or burial, there is little that one can do for someone who is going through that difficult time. Oftentimes, the best that we can do is to support them through it, and let them know you’re thinking of them and the loved ones who have recently passed.

FavFlorist offers various condolence bouquet options as a way to help you express this sentiment. Where words fail, our flower bouquets and arrangements can convey the extent of your grief and support to the bereaved, as they have done for centuries the world over.

Condolence Bouquet Etiquette

There are two types of bouquets and arrangements one might usually see at a funeral. There are funeral flowers, which are typically ordered by the grieving family themselves, as part of the funeral. The other type is from friends, families, and loved ones to the bereaved. They are a way of showing your heartfelt sentiments and support of them in their period of mourning, and are thus aptly called sympathy or condolence flowers.

The custom of buying sympathy bouquets or flowers is widespread today, but it’s important to remember the faith and cultural customs of the bereaved before placing your order.

In Singapore, Christians, Roman Catholics, Baha’i, Taoists, Buddhists generally accept and make use of condolence wreaths. Flowers from wreaths or gifted arrangements may even be incorporated into the mourning or funerary rituals. However for those of the Jewish and Islamic faiths, floral arrangements are not commonplace at funerals, and so it’s best to check in with them beforehand.

Colours also play an important role in the symbolism surrounding funerals and mourning. White is a universal colour of mourning, hence funeral flowers and bouquets typically come in white, like our Condolences Stand which features simple yet comforting white gerberas.

However, where appropriate, you might also gift the deceased’s favourite flowers or flowers in their favourite colour to celebrate their life or pay tribute to them. At the end of the day, sympathy flowers should be a heartfelt message from you to the bereaved, and it is important to be mindful with the message you are conveying.

Common Sympathy Flowers

Flowers are a natural beauty of the world and a symbol of growth and hope, which is especially comforting to someone who has experienced loss recently. Individual flowers also have specific meanings and symbolism attached to them. Here are some common flowers that condolence arrangements or bouquets may make use of:


Lilies are commonly found in funeral arrangements, and come in a variety of types. Calla lilies, peace lilies and stargazer lilies all have slightly different meanings (harmony, peace, and innocence respectively) but they all carry the meaning of majesty and purity, which makes them perfect sympathy flowers. Our Darling – Lily & Eustoma Box features a bouquet of fresh lilies and lily heads, conveniently packaged in a box.


Orchids are a long lasting flower, and fittingly represent everlasting love and sympathy. These sturdy, graceful blooms have gained popularity as a sympathy flower, due to both their physical properties and their deep meaning.


Hyacinths also express how you are keeping the deceased and bereaved on your mind. These carry the meaning of “I will keep you in my prayers”, which can be the exact sentiment that the bereaved will appreciate in a condolence bouquet.


Roses have such a strong association with love, which is why they are also quite commonly seen in funeral wreaths and sympathy bouquets. White roses especially denote purity, innocence, and reverence for the person who has passed. Our Satomi Japanese Style Flower Box – White Kenya Rose Table Arrangement features 3 white roses to show your love and respect for the deceased.


Chrysanthemums are viewed by some as a symbol of death and grief, and others as signifying love and honour. White chrysanthemums are especially poignant, as they symbolise loyal and lasting love – these feature in our Deepest Sympathy flower stand, which also includes lilies signifying innocence, purity, and peace.


Carnations, like roses, have differing meanings depending on the colour you choose. Pink carnations mean remembrance, which is a lovely sentiment for any sympathy bouquet, but white carnations are just as meaningful, as they symbolise love and grief.

Convey your Condolences and Sympathies with a Beautiful Bouquet

The death of a loved one is a difficult situation to navigate, and it is normal to feel at a loss for words. Express your condolences and support for the bereaved with any of our condolence bouquets, specially handcrafted to provide some comfort in trying times.

Our bouquets are made with air-flown fresh flowers, and are available for same-day 1-hour express delivery* in Singapore for urgent events and occasions. Find out more about our flower delivery services or in our FAQs.

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