5 Perfect Bouquet Ideas For A Special Proposal

A proposal is definitely one of the most incredible and unforgettable occasions in life. Planning a proposal is not an easy task; it feels like every happiness that the future can bring depends on this one day and that one moment when you ask your partner that special question. Which may leave you thinking, “how do I propose in the most unique way?”

Here are some ideas to inspire and help you plan the most special proposal and engagement. 

Beautiful, fresh flowers are an inseparable part of every memorable proposal. Browse some of our lovely and unique proposal hand bouquets available in Singapore such as the Forever Love Rose Spray and Baby Breath Bouquet to make it a moment you and your sweetheart will remember forever.

1. Keep it Classic

If you are both diehard romantics at heart, you can never go wrong with the classic setup – stunning proposal flowers, her favourite wine or drink, romantic decorations and the quintessential romantic dinner. Surprise her at your favourite restaurant with a stunning red rose proposal bouquet like the You & Me Kenya Rose Bouquet to make it even more precious.

2. Pets to The Rescue

Make your beloved pets a part of your special day. Your pets are a part of your life and future, and what better way to celebrate your love than by including them in the proposal? You can tie a beautiful ribbon around the neck of your cute pet dog or cat, with a special message card attached to pop the question. Or how about attaching the engagement ring box around your pet’s collar to give your special someone the best surprise of their life?. Or even better, get your pet to lead your girlfriend to you, where she will find you kneeling on one knee, with a sparkling ring in hand.

Select from our pink rose bouquets – like the Pretty in Pink 3 Pink Kenya Rose Bouquet to enhance the romance and joy of this special moment.

3. A Proposal Game

Get her heart racing even before you pop the question by turning it into a fun game. Get the proposal flowers, ring, and the champagne set up before inviting her to join you in a game of scrabble or a custom-made puzzle. You can work in word or picture clues leading up to the final ‘marry me’ question, and by the end of the game, you could both be winners! You could also organise a special treasure hunt with clues made up of memories and milestones in your relationship leading up to the actual proposal.

Have a proposal flower bouquet at hand along with the ring to really stun your future forever-yours. You can select one from Fav Florist’s wonderful collection of romantic fresh flower bouquets like the Pinkie Mixed Lily Premium XL Bouquet.

4. A Proposal Picnic

If the two of you are nature lovers, then the outdoors is the perfect place to ask the biggest question of your life. Take her out on a romantic picnic to your favourite park or hidden nature spot. Arrange a special picnic basket with all her favourite delicacies and chocolates and decorate the picnic spot with  romantic proposal  flowers to make it complete. You can hide the engagement ring in a specially made cupcake or the champagne bottle, or pop the question with her favourite flowers in the proposal bouquet.

5. A Trip Down Memory Lane

For this idea you may need the help of your closest friends or family. Decorate a room (whether her bedroom at home or a hotel room) with large and small photos of you both together over the years. Make sure you are surrounded with some of the best picture memories of your journey together so far while you embark on the next stage of your relationship. Decorate the photos with pretty fairy lights and proposal flowers like pink roses, orchids, carnations – to name a few. A Simply You Kenya Roses and Baby’s Breath bouquet with pink or red roses completes this sentimental setup.

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Flowers are the best way to convey your deepest feelings, especially for something as momentous as a proposal. All of our bouquets come with personalised message cards, so you can ensure that your words reach your beloved.

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