Sunflower Care Guide: Tips to Keep Sunflowers Bouquet Fresh

There is nothing quite like a sunflower bouquet like our Summer Sun – Sunflower & Rose Spray Box to bring sunshine into your home with its vibrant colours and manifold petals. Here’s an interesting fact to brighten your day – the petals of a sunflower are actually called rays! 

An embodiment of the sun, sunflowers symbolise joy, positivity, warmth, enlightenment, and cheerfulness, making them the perfect flower gift to be given to your loved ones on special days. If you have recently received a sunflower bouquet or plan to buy some to brighten up your home, you’ll want the flowers to stay fresh and bright for as long as possible. Here are 7 easy tips to make your sunflowers last longer:

How to Make Sunflower Bouquets Stay Fresh

  1. Prepare a glass vase by cleaning it with soap water and fill it up with warm water. Carefully unwrap your sunflower bouquet to make the flowers ready to go in the vase. 
  1. With a pair of sharp garden shears, cut off one inch off the bottom of the sunflower stems at a 45 degree angle while holding them under room temperature water. This ensures that the sunflowers soak up water well.  
  1. Make sure that when you put the sunflowers into the vase, there are no leaves that would go under the waterline. The leaves can cause bacteria to grow in the water, affecting the health of the flowers. 

Pro tip: Add a penny or a teaspoon of bleach to the vase to prevent the growth of bacteria in the water. 

  1. Place the sunflowers in the water. If the bouquet includes any other flowers or foliage, like our Summer Shine – 5 Stalks Sunflower Bouquet (pictured), you can place them in the same vase. Just make sure you follow the above instructions for those flowers as well. 
  1. Sunflowers thrive in lots of water and sunshine. Make sure your bouquet stays blooming by placing them in a sunny corner of the room. However, take care not to keep them exposed to direct sunlight for long hours, as cut sunflowers do not take well to direct sunlight. 
  1. Add ​1 teaspoon of sugar, 2 tablespoons lemon juice, and/or 1 tablespoon of vinegar for happier and brighter flowers that will last longer. 
  1. You can rearrange the bouquet as per your taste, just remember to change the water daily and retrim their stems. With the right care and tender attention, sunflowers should last for about 6 to 12 days in the vase.

Sunflowers to Dazzle on Every Occasion

Here’s a fun fact you might not have known: not all sunflowers are yellow! They are available in shades of brown, red, pink, orange, cream and white, and each colour signifies traits such as loyalty, friendship, vitality, passion and cheerfulness. 

As they are so versatile and represent everything that’s bright and cheery, sunflower bouquets are perfect for any occasion and special event. Our collection of stunning sunflower bouquets and hamper boxes are curated with extra care and love so that they are a perfect fit as graduation day bouquet, or just a surprise bouquet for someone you love like this charming Sunny Day Sunflower Bouquet (pictured).

If a loved one is having a dull day, our Golden Times Sunflower and Baby Breath Bouquet (pictured) might be perfect to cheer them up on a dull day or just to say you are thinking of them. And of course don’t leave yourself out! Why not pamper yourself with a pretty little sunflower bouquet for your desk or dressing table like our lovely Single Stalk Sunflower Bouquet

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