Plan a Special Graduation Day Celebration with Flowers

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Graduation season is just around the corner, and sooner or later, you’re bound to see your friends and loved ones donning their graduation gowns and mortarboard. Marking a crucial milestone in the lives of every student, the graduation ceremony is a special event that signifies the end of a long academic journey that was navigated with hard work and full-on dedication. While a heartfelt congratulatory text message or a simple pat on the back might suffice in demonstrating how proud you are of the new graduate’s achievements, there are other creative ways to celebrate this event. And as with other major life events, flowers are always a unique way to honour this milestone.

Fav Florist, offers various graduation flower bouquet options as a way to help you express this very sentiment. Serving as a meaningful and intimate way to celebrate this special occasion, our graduation flowers can convey your pride and joy in the sincerest way possible.

Why Graduation Flowers Are a Great Way to Celebrate this Achievement?

While every flower may have its own meaning, efficiently conveying different messages and emotions, there is no denying that the significance of gifting flowers remains steadfast. Evolving into a way of communicating when words fail, gifting a flower bouquet to a graduate has now become commonplace. Today, this customary gesture is imbued with more than the mere association of flowers with their given meaning. Amidst the chatter and boisterous crowd, gifting flowers during a graduation ceremony will quietly convey your congratulations, with the recipient being able to immediately understand your intended message.

Graduation Flower Bouquet Etiquette

Although the colours of the graduation flowers play an important role in symbolism, one can’t help but wonder if there is an appropriate time and place to gift a graduation bouquet. No doubt, it can be a challenge to find the right moment to do so, especially with all the hustle and bustle of the event. However, there is no one-size-fits-all approach to this. Gifting congratulatory flowers before graduation day will show the soon-to-be graduate that you’ve been thinking about their achievements, even before the official ceremony. Giving your loved one flowers post-ceremony is also a popular time, riding off their graduation high to surprise them. If you’re unable to attend the ceremony, opting for flower delivery services offered by florists in Singapore is just as feasible – showing that you’re there in spirit to support.

Best Graduation Day Flowers to Gift

As one of nature’s most beautiful creations, flowers are a symbol of hope, growth, and joy. Each flower has a meaning attached to it, making specific ones more appropriate for graduation ceremonies. Here are some common flowers that graduation arrangements or bouquets may make use of:


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A hot favourite for graduation bouquets, sunflowers are the ultimate go-to to brighten up anyone’s day. Radiating happiness and cheerfulness, sunflowers symbolise friendship, adoration, intelligence, and vitality, making them perfect graduation flowers. Our Walking on Sunshine – Sunflower Bouquet features fresh sunflowers, baby’s breath, and other green fillers, all wrapped up into a minimalistic yet stunning bouquet.


Tulips are a classic flower that has been loved by many globally for centuries. White tulips like those in our Ivory White – Tulip and Eustoma Bouquet represent respect, purity, and honour, pink tulips are just as appropriate for graduation ceremonies. This is because they symbolise good wishes and love – a great option to send to friends to show how much you care. Our Evelyn – Tulip Bouquet boasts 6 premium tulips that will envelop the fresh grad with the energy of responsibility and conscientious action.


Especially significant in Japan, hydrangeas are associated with heartfelt emotions, representing gratitude and grace. Even though there is a vast range of meanings stemming from different cultural beliefs and stories, pink hydrangeas are great flowers to convey your heartfelt emotions.


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In ancient times, roses were a symbol of achievement and perfection. While heavily associated with love and passion, red roses also symbolise courage – perfect for graduates who are about to embark on their next great adventure. Pink roses especially denote admiration for the graduate who has just achieved a great feat with all their hard work. Our Eternity – Pink O’Hara Rose and Carnations Bouquet features 3 premium pink Kenya roses surrounded by 3 Holland carnations and other florals to convey your deepest emotions.


To make every graduate feel special and accomplished, peonies are great graduation flowers to gift. Beyond looking fabulous, peonies are able to stand the test of time, enveloping any space with their beauty. Symbolic of love, honour, happiness and wealth, peonies are typically gifted on special occasions such as graduation day as an expression of best wishes.

A Unique Take with Preserved Flowers

preserved flower dome

For a perfect gift that never goes out of style, consider preserved flowers that are frozen in time. Capturing the essence of an achievement that will have a great impact on their life for years to come, preserved flower bouquets will be a gift that your recipient can hold on to forever and keep the celebration going on for years. Also known as enchanted flowers, preserved flowers come in a variety of arrangements beyond the standard flower bouquets. At Fav Florist, we have an entire collection of preserved flower domes and bloom boxes, all of which comes jam-packed with premium preserved flowers. Our Queen – Preserved Bloom Box and the Enchanted Preserved Flower Dome with LED Lights are passionately handcrafted with preserved roses. With a complimentary message card, craft a personalised message and let your loved one know just how proud you are.

 Celebrate Graduation Day with a Beautiful Bouquet

Making your loved one’s graduation day special will allow them to truly bask in their achievement. Express your love, pride and support for the new grad with any of our graduation flower bouquets and bloom boxes, specially handcrafted to set the tone for your loved one’s celebratory day. Our bouquets are made with air-flown fresh flowers and premium preserved flowers, and are available for same-day 1-hour express delivery* in Singapore. Find out more about our flower delivery services in Singapore or in our FAQs.

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