Why Are Baby Breath Flowers So Popular In Bouquets?

Whether bridal, romantic, congratulatory, or an ordinary everyday arrangement, there are few flowers that are more versatile and ubiquitous than Baby Breath (or Baby’s Breath). Despite their small and delicate appearance, there’s just something about these adorable little blooms that capture our hearts, eyes, and certainly our attention.

If you’re searching for a simple arrangement that will lift your giftee or recipient’s spirits, a Baby Breath bouquet might be just what you need.

What do Baby Breath flowers mean?

The name Baby Breath already lends this flower an almost innocent charm, and it certainly reflects the petite nature of this particular species. Baby Breath naturally grows in clusters (also sometimes referred to as ‘tufts’) as well, making them look like a gentle spray of clouds even while on the stem.

Baby Breath are often seen as symbols of everlasting love, innocence, and purity, and most often appear in bouquets for weddings, baby’s showers, and other happy occasions. Thanks to their small appearance they’re also often used as filler flowers in more grandiose bouquet settings, which would explain why you’ve probably seen them around before!

Although not as attention-grabbing compared to larger sunflower bouquets, nor as specifically meaningful as the ever-romantic red rose bouquet, Baby Breath flower bouquets can still have a whimsical beauty all of their own. 

The Galaxy Bouquet – Rainbow Baby Breath Bouquet features Baby Breath in a dazzling pastel array with a sweet and romantic feel. Those looking for something even smaller that exudes the same magical energy can consider our Galaxy – Mini Bouquet Series instead – perfect for a surprise pick-me-up to brighten someone’s day! You can also add a complimentary message to any of your bouquet or flower arrangement purchases, helping you to convey your sincerest feelings and best wishes to your recipient.

If you’re searching for a bouquet that channels springtime cheer, the All Smiles – Baby Breath Daisy Bouquet might be a better match. Made with white Baby Breath and chamomile daisies, this bouquet conveys the meanings of rest, relaxation, purity, love, and innocence. 

Another all-white option – making it a great idea for an unorthodox bridal or pre-wedding shoot bouquet! – is our Snow White – Baby Breath Bouquet that presents a luxurious display without being too over-the-top. Coming in 3 different sizes – with the Large size at a stunning 50cm x 55cm – this flower bouquet is inspired by the innocent beauty and gentle strength of the iconic princess Snow White.

Romantics who want to up the ante without getting too extravagant or simply don’t want to buy a cliched rose bouquet for their significant other can buck the trend with our Forever Love – Rose Spray & Baby Breath Bouquet instead. Featuring a small spray of roses nestled within a cloud of white Baby Breath, this mini arrangement conveys your deepest love without being too out-there – perfect if your lover is on the shy-er side or doesn’t like grand shows of attention.

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While the Baby Breath might not be as commonplace as a ‘main’ flower compared to roses, sunflowers, daisies, or hydrangeas, it has an undeniable charm of its own that the right recipient is sure to appreciate!

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