4 Easy Care Tips For Roses Bouquets In Singapore

Whether pink, red, white, or champagne, everyone can admire the beauty of a classic rose bouquet. If you’ve received a rose bouquet recently, we’re sure you’re in awe of just how gorgeous these iconic flowers can be.

However caring for a rose bouquet can feel extra stressful compared to other low-maintenance flowers – especially in Singapore’s hot and humid climate that doesn’t do your rose bouquet any favours to begin with!

That’s why we’re here with 4 easy, helpful, and effective rose bouquet care tips so you can ensure your flowers stay fresh and vibrant for as long as you want them to. You can also find out more tips on our blog including how to pick the right roses for any bouquet!

1. Trim their stems as soon as possible

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This is one of the most common flower bouquet care tips for a reason – it really works! Trim your rose stems as soon as possible after receiving the bouquet. Snip off about 3-5 cm, and make sure to cut your stems at an angle. This widens the surface area it’s exposed to and ensures the flower will be able to receive enough water once it’s in its vase.

2. Peel off their guard petals

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One unique feature of roses are the large, lush guard petals that surround its inner core. The guard petals usually form the first 1-2 layers of petals around the outside of the flower and as their name suggests, they protect the rest of the flower from being damaged.

If you see some bruising or tearing on your guard petals, don’t panic! Instead just firmly tug the guard petals off to reveal the safe and undamaged rose underneath. The inner petals may not have opened just yet but they should blossom into a beautiful sight with enough water and care.

3. Be careful around their support petals

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Apart from the guard petals, you should look out for the support petals on your roses as well. They’re located at the base of the flower head and basically hold the entire flower together! Be careful not to snip or damage these as you could ruin the entire flower in one shot.

4. Remove petals as they go brown

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Once your rose petals begin to grow brown, they won’t be able to get back to their original shades of red, pink, white, or blush. Pick off brown, dead, or dying petals as and when they appear – this ensures they aren’t using up water or nutrients that the healthy parts of your bouquet require.

Be sure to remove any petals or other debris that has fallen into the water in the vase; this prevents mildew and mould from spreading to the healthy flowers.

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