Why Preserved Flowers Are Perfect For Home Decor In SG

What comes to mind when you think of home decor: Paintings? Art prints? Photo walls? Travel souvenirs? There’s certainly no shortage of knick knacks, sentimental gifts, and more out there to help you bring your interior design dreams to life. 

However, if you really want to take your home decor to the next level, there’s nothing like adding a beautiful bouquet of flowers as a centerpiece for your dining table, countertop, or sideboard. Unfortunately, while fresh flower bouquets may be the perfect finishing touch when decorating for a one-off event or celebration, they are difficult to upkeep in the long run.

The good news? That’s where preserved or dried flowers come into the picture! They can last for much longer compared to fresh flower bouquets, and with minimal to no upkeep as well. The drying or preservation process also prevents them from being affected by humidity so you have a much lower risk of your blooms developing mildew and other moulds. 

Additionally, preserved flowers often have the same vibrancy as the freshest of fresh flowers – instantly transforming your home and impressing your visitors and guests. Whereas dry flowers do not have the same vibrancy as when they were first picked, but will sometimes retain the same sweet yet subtle fragrance.

If you’re wondering where to buy preserved or dry flowers in Singapore, look no further. Here are our personal picks:

1. Summer Harvest – Preserved Flower Box

Our Summer Harvest – Preserved Flower Box includes preserved roses in a variety of shades including purple, pink, and blush. Complimented by fluffy white cotton flowers and sprays of dry foliage, it’s the perfect decor item to bring some summertime cheer into your home.

2. Angelwing – Preserved Flower Box

If you’re looking for an arrangement that’s on the more traditionally feminine side, the Angelwing – Preserved Flower Box might be the one for you. Coming in shades of pink, red, blush, and cream, it’s a great option for home decor during Valentine’s Day or your anniversary as well. Plus it comes with two espresso cup plushies to represent you and your sweetheart!

3. Mardi Gras – M Size Vase

Autumnal tones have been ‘in’ for home decor for a while, and it’s likely the trend is here to stay! If you’re a fan of this colour palette and love warm shades of orange, yellow, crimson, and forest green, the Mardi Gras – M Size Vase is perfect for you. Brimming with dried Italian Bloom Bunches, this extravagant arrangement is the perfect centerpiece to get your guests talking. Its dramatic style also makes it a great alternative housewarming gift for someone whom you know will appreciate its vivaciousness. 

4. Winter Sensations – M Size Vase

Conversely, the Winter Sensations – M Size Vase is a great dried flower vase arrangement for those looking for simple and minimalist tones. With flowers and foliage in shades of brown, white, and green, this bouquet can add a dramatic flourish to a minimalist home, or act as a muted counterbalance for more eclectic decor.

Give a Gift That Lasts Forever with Fav Florist

Elevate your interior design with your pick of florals from our wide range of dried and preserved flower bouquets! Here at Fav Florist, all of our bouquets are hand-arranged from scratch by our passionate florists so that no two arrangements are ever alike. If you still prefer fresh flowers, you can browse our wide range of fresh flower bouquets including rose bouquets, orchid bouquets, and sunflower bouquets.

Order your flowers online from us today and enjoy FREE delivery in Singapore with no minimum spend required. We also offer 1-hour express delivery between 10am to 5.30pm daily (with a $20 surcharge) in case you’re rushing to decorate your home before your guests arrive. Browse our delivery information and FAQ page to see if we’ve answered your questions, or get in touch with our lovely team!

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