5 Red Rose Bouquets & More For Valentine’s Day 2023

Valentine’s Day 2023 is right around the corner, and we’re sure many of you are scrambling to find the perfect flower bouquet to gift your significant other. Whether fresh, dried, or preserved, there are so many flower arrangement options nowadays that you can feel spoiled for choice. That’s why here at Fav Florist, we’ve narrowed down some of our favourite Valentine’s Day flower selections to make your Vday shopping a breeze.

From classic red rose bouquets to everlasting preserved flower domes to unorthodox hand bouquet selections, we’ve got you covered. See 5 of our flower selections below or shop our full Valentine’s Day flower bouquet collection online today!

1. Classic Love – Rose Bouquet (Vday edition)

Sometimes it’s truly better to just embrace the classics with our Classic Love – Rose Bouquet (Vday edition) . This modest bouquet includes just 3 crimson red roses and a handful of green fillers to complete the look – after all if it’s not broken, why fix it? Plus it costs less than $100, so you can still celebrate Valentine’s Day without bursting your budget. (Although if you have the budget for it, our You & Me – Kenya Rose with ruscus Bouquet (Vday Edition) is a more elaborate version with 6 premium Kenya Roses to signify “I want to be yours”.)

2. Maisy Lavender – Purple Preserved Bouquet

While red, pink, and white are still very popular colours when it comes to rose bouquets, more people are embracing the other shades of the rainbow to gift their special someone something truly unique. Our Maisy Lavender – Purple Preserved Bouquet does just that with its purple preserved roses, cotton flowers, ming fern, and a miniature Stella Lou plushie. If your sweetheart adores plushies, soft toys, or anything adorable, this is the perfect gift. There’s also the Maisy Blush – Pink Preserved Bouquet that comes with pink roses and a pink Stella Lou!

3. Beauty and the Beast Flower Dome (LED)

Whether your partner is a Disney fan or simply a hopeless romantic, they’ll appreciate the sentiment behind the Beauty and the Beast Flower Dome (LED) . Putting a modern spin on the Disney fairytale classic, this flower dome contains a beautiful preserved red rose, several filler flowers, and a winding trail of fairy lights for a magical atmosphere. Low-maintenance and timeless, gift this to your other half at the start of your Valentine’s Day date and watch their eyes light up in awe.

4. Sweet Pie – Pink Preserved Rose Box

If you know your partner isn’t the biggest fan of dark red roses and prefers something more pastel-toned, the Sweet Pie – Pink Preserved Rose Box might be the right choice for you. Bearing a bouquet of 7 preserved pink roses decorated with ming fern, wood flower, rice flower, and other woodsy fillers, this sweet and dreamy display is a great way to surprise your lover before a big day out – and they can always display it at home or wherever they please even after Valentine’s Day is over!

5. Brilliant Heart – Preserved Rose Box

For a breathtaking symbol of everlasting love, there’s nothing more beautiful than our Brilliant Heart – Preserved Rose Box . Comprising 18 roses preserved to remain a brilliant and passionate deep red forever more, this heart-shaped box will live on for months and years to come as a reminder of you and your partner’s undying love for each other.

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