5 Spring Flowers To Bring Home Some Springtime Cheer

Morning Magic - Gerbera & Baby's Breath Bouquet

Springtime in Singapore is right around the corner. For flower lovers, spring is a much-awaited season because this is the time when many different kinds of flowers bloom at their best and brightest. The vibrant colours of popular springtime flowers are also what makes them a great way to add some joy and visual interest to our homes. Because of that, spring is one of the best seasons to bring home fresh flower bouquets or other unique designs like envelope flower boxes to decorate your rooms and spaces.

As spring flowers start to bloom, there are many flower varieties to choose from. That is why we at Fav Florist are here to help you decide on the top fresh flower options that you can consider buying for your home. Whether it be a fresh flower bouquet or envelope flower boxes, Fav Florist has got you covered. 

1. Morning Magic – Gerbera Bouquet

Morning Magic - Gerbera & Baby's Breath Bouquet

The spring season is a much-awaited season for many because it is the ideal weather to enjoy flowers that are freshly in bloom. The Morning Magic – Gerbera Bouquet is a very perfect choice because of its bright-coloured flowers that will undoubtedly catch the attention of your family and guests. Gerbera flowers are also known to be a symbol of renewal and the beginning of growth, making them a great way to begin the season of spring. 

2. Pink Desire – 20 Pink Rose and Baby Breath Premium XL Bouquet

Pink Desire - 20 Pink Kenya Rose and Baby Breath Bouquet

As we all know, roses will never be out of trend. No matter what season it is, roses will always be a symbol of romantic love and affection. If you’re looking for a rose bouquet that is perfect for the spring season, check out the Pink Desire – 20 Pink Rose and Baby Breath Premium XL Bouquet. This bouquet of roses is a perfect addition to your home this spring due to its pink colour and brighter hue.

3. Ruby Love – Jacob’s Creek Box

Fresh Meadow – Rose Bouquet

Aside from fresh flower bouquets and envelope flower boxes, you can also consider more of Fav Florist’s unorthodox flower designs to take home this coming spring season. The Ruby Love – Jacob’s Creek Box is a wise choice because of its unique lush look that represents the newness and growth we associate with spring. This lavish box contains peonies, roses, orchids, eustoma, and astible. This is also an ideal pick to bring home for couples that are celebrating their anniversary in the springtime due to its flower composition and romantic colour. 

4. Spring Whispers – Tulip Bouquet

Spring Whispers - Tulip Bouquet

Enjoy the refreshing beauty of spring by bringing home the Spring Whisper – Tulip Bouquet. This Tulip bouquet comes with Tanacetum and Panicum, adding a bright and calming vibe due to its white and light purple colours – making it a very ideal fresh flower bouquet decor idea for homes in the springtime. 

5. Lily Marble Flower Envelope Box

Lily Marble Envelope Box

Looking for other flower arrangement options aside from bouquets to bring home this coming springtime? The Lily Marble Envelope Box is a unique alternative compared to traditional bouquets. Not only that, Lilies are ideal flowers to give this springtime because of their fresh and enticing scent.

Order Spring Flowers in Singapore

If you’re looking for fresh gerberas, peonies, roses or other flower bouquet deliveries in Singapore to bring home this spring season, we can handle it for you! Fav Florist ensures you receive the freshest flowers possible quickly and reliably. All fresh flower bouquet and envelope flower box deliveries are FREE with no minimum spend amount required. We also offer 1-hour express delivery between 10am to 5.30pm daily with a small fee of SGD$20. Find out more in our delivery information and our FAQs.

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