Choosing the Perfect Flowers for Mother’s Day: Meaningful Bouquets for Mom

Choosing the Perfect Flowers for Mother's Day Meaningful Bouquets for Mom

Mother’s Day is a special occasion to celebrate and honour the incredible women in our lives. One of the most heartfelt ways to express love and appreciation is through the gift of flowers. However, choosing the perfect flowers for Mother’s Day involves more than just picking a beautiful bouquet. It’s about selecting blooms that hold personal significance and convey heartfelt sentiments. In this guide, we’ll explore meaningful bouquets that are sure to make Mom’s day extra special.

  1. The Language of Flowers

Understanding the symbolism of flowers can help you make a meaningful bouquet for your mother. Roses, for example, represent love and gratitude, making them an excellent choice for conveying strong feelings. Lilies symbolise purity and devotion, whereas tulips indicate elegance and grace. Including these meanings in your bouquet adds layers of tenderness. 

Flowers and their meanings especially for Mother’s Day: 


Red Roses: Love, passion, admiration for a mother’s deep love.

Pink Roses: Gratitude, appreciation, and admiration for a mother’s care and support.

White Roses: Purity, innocence, and everlasting love for a mother’s nurturing presence.

Yellow Roses: Friendship, joy, and happiness in celebrating a wonderful mother-daughter bond.


White Lilies: Purity, virtue, and the divine love of a mother’s heart.

Pink Lilies: Admiration, appreciation, and heartfelt gratitude for a mother’s guidance and love.

Yellow Lilies: Joy, happiness, and the bright sunshine a mother brings into our lives.


Red Carnations: Deep love, admiration, and gratitude for a mother’s unwavering devotion.

Pink Carnations: Motherly love, affection, and appreciation for a mother’s nurturing care.

White Carnations: Pure love, innocence, and honour for a mother’s selfless sacrifices.

Yellow Carnations: Joyful moments, happiness, and celebration of a mother’s cheerful spirit.


White Daisies: Innocence, purity, and the simple beauty of a mother’s love.

Pink Daisies: Gratitude, admiration, and appreciation for a mother’s gentle kindness.

Yellow Daisies: Happiness, cheerfulness, and the bright outlook a mother instils in us.


Pink Orchids: Femininity, grace, and admiration for a mother’s strength and elegance.

White Orchids: Purity, beauty, and the timeless love of a mother’s presence.

Purple Orchids: Royalty, luxury, and appreciation for a mother’s unwavering support.


Happiness, positivity, and the warmth of a mother’s love that brightens our days.

Admiration, loyalty, and appreciation for a mother’s steadfast support and guidance.

  1. Personalised Blooms 

When selecting the ideal bouquet, consider Mom’s favourite flowers or colours. If she enjoys daisies or sunflowers, including these blooms will demonstrate that you have carefully chosen flowers that reflect her interests. Choosing her favourite colours can also personalise the bouquet and make it genuinely unique. You can also opt for a surprise bouquet which lets the dedicated florists decide on the bouquet arrangement, wrapping colour and material and main flower to ensure the perfectly crafted bouquet just for Mum. You can let them know specific preferences and they’ll come up with a customised bouquet for your Mum. 

  1. Birth Month Flowers

Another meaningful method is to keep in mind Mom’s birth month flower. Each month is associated with a unique flower with its own symbolism. For example, the carnation, January’s birth flower, represents love and curiosity. April’s flower is the daisy, which represents purity and innocence. Including these birth month flowers provides a personal touch to the arrangement.

  1. Sentimental Bouquets

Beyond selecting certain flowers, the arrangement itself can convey important messages. A heart-shaped bouquet symbolises love and dedication, whilst a cascade arrangement represents abundance and thankfulness. Consider the overall design and style that best captures your sentiments for Mom. 

We suggest going for Strawberry Cone – Pink Baby’s Breath & PomPom Bouquet for the Mums that love sweet treats or Elegant Love – Two Hydrangea Bouquet for the Mums who like something different and unique! 

  1. Adding Personal Touches 

Enhance the bouquet with personal touches such as including a handwritten note or a favourite quote. You can also add complementary elements like greenery, ribbons, or decorative accents to elevate the presentation and make the bouquet even more special. 

For the Mums who enjoy the occasional wine, we also offer Ruby Love – Jacob’s Creek Box, where blooms and wine come together for the perfect gift! 

  1. Meaningful Flower Combinations 

Certain flower combinations carry unique meanings and can create a more impactful bouquet. For example, a mix of red roses (love), white lilies (purity), and pink carnations (admiration) creates a bouquet that expresses deep love and appreciation. Experimenting with different flower combinations allows you to create a customised and meaningful arrangement. Petal Parade – Lily & Rose Bouquet offers just that! A mix of pink roses and white lilies for the ultimate show of affection this Mother’s Day. 

  1. DIY Mother’s Day Bouquets

For those who enjoy a hands-on approach, creating a DIY Mother’s Day bouquet adds an extra layer of thoughtfulness. Select Mom’s favourite flowers and arrange them into a personalised bouquet. DIY bouquets showcase your creativity and effort, making them even more special. At the end of the day, you know your Mum best. If you think a bouquet of chocolates or the trending money bouquet is something she’d appreciate a lot, you can try your hand at DIY-ing it yourself. We’re sure Mum’s going to love just the thought. 

Choosing the perfect flowers for Mother’s Day involves thoughtful consideration of Mom’s preferences, symbolic meanings, and personal touches. Whether you opt for a professionally arranged Mother’s Day bouquet from a flower delivery service in Singapore or a DIY creation, the key is to express love, gratitude, and appreciation in a meaningful and heartfelt way. With these tips, you can create a memorable Mother’s Day bouquet that celebrates Mom’s unwavering love and devotion.

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