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Get A Gorgeous Peony Bouquet in Singapore

A symbol of love and affection, a bouquet of fresh blooms like peonies can be a sweet gift for your loved ones. If you’re looking for something a little different from the usual red roses, a bouquet of fresh peonies can be a wonderful alternative. Gaining popularity by the day, the peony flower is a delicate flower perfect for surprising your partner, friend, or family member. Our collection of peony flower bouquets here at Fav Florist is extremely versatile and is the perfect choice for gifting.

The Peony Flower Perfect For Special Occasions

Peonies are beautiful, long-lived flowers that stand for compassion, prosperity, honor, romance, and good fortune. Named after the Greek physician of the Gods, Paeon holds a greater significance as gifts. Bouquets of peonies are often given as gifts to symbolize good relationships and better fortune. They’re available in different shades, and each of them has a unique significance and meaning.

Variations of Popular Peony Flowers

Commonly used as a bridal bouquet, the peony flower signifies beauty, riches, romance, and happy marriage. These seasonal flowers are available only for a short time and in limited quantities. This makes it a one-of-a-kind floral arrangement for special celebrations.

Pink Peonies

Throughout history, in most cultures, pink peonies are considered a symbol of prosperity and good luck.

Red Peonies

The deep red shade of the peony flower is closely associated with respect and honor. According to Chinese culture, it is a symbol of prosperity and wealth - making it the traditional floral symbol of the nation. If you’re planning to give a gift on Father’s day or Mother’s day, a red peony bouquet will perfectly suit that occasion.

White Peonies

The classic white peony flower is a symbol of romance with a good balance of feminine energy.

Shop For A Bouquet of Fresh Peonies Online in Singapore

Timeless, classic, and quintessentially pretty, the peony flower is a loved choice especially for its attractiveness, versatility, and visual appeal. Brighten up the day of a loved one with a peony bouquet from our collection.

At Fav Florist, we offer FREE same-day delivery for orders above $80. This means that you can easily place an order for the peony bouquet of your choice online and have them delivered anywhere in Singapore. Perfect for an anniversary, birthday party or graduation ceremony, the peony bouquet is a widely loved choice. Our dedicated and experienced team of florists work to offer you unique collections of fresh flower bouquets too - that is if you are looking for something other than a bouquet of peonies.

If you have any queries, visit our FAQ page or feel free to get in touch with our team for more information.

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